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meet our staff social scouts

Amy & Heather met in 2009 as both were pursuing a private practice and providing in-home services to families in the greater Los Angeles area. The years of LA’s unforgiving traffic limited the number of children they were able to help. As their wait-lists were growing and their cars were overflowing with toys and materials, it was inevitable that they needed an office where they could unpack their trunks once and for all, see more children, and grow their practices together.

With a shared passion for working with children and creating a fun, friendly and nurturing environment for them to think, learn, play and grow, they opened the doors to their clinic in May of 2010. In the fall of that year, Heather & Amy founded Social Scouts™, a social-pragmatic language program for children struggling to navigate their social worlds. By merging their clinical experiences and instincts with techniques learned at conferences over the years, they developed an eclectic, yet unique and specialized approach in treating children with social language deficits.

With a major emphasis on teaching imaginary play skills to their clients, Heather and Amy realized that more and more children were playing with electronic devices rather than with each other. So, with years of experience building and creativity continuously flowing, they decided to channel their ideas to write books which teach imaginary play to not only the children in their clinic but children everywhere. Their first two books, Think & Play the Social Scouts Way™: Firefighter Leo to the Rescue! and Doctor Ruby Gives a Checkup! are now published and available for purchase. Click here to get your copy and stay tuned for additional adventures to be released.

Amy Wilhelm, M.S., CCC-SLP

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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”
– Walt Disney