Think & Play the Social Scouts Way™: Doctor Ruby Gives A Checkup!

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Ruby is a little girl who wants to play doctor, but, how? While reading, kids will actively follow along with Ruby and learn what doctors do, where they work, what they wear, what special tools they use and all the ways they help the community. Once Ruby thinks about all the things she knows about doctors, she can imagine herself as one too. Now she’s ready to gather up her doctor toys and give check-ups to her patients! With a handy parent’s guide and colorful cut-out sequence pictures at the end of the book, children can also pretend to be doctors and have their very own patients too.

1 review for Think & Play the Social Scouts Way™: Doctor Ruby Gives A Checkup!

  1. Book Lover (verified owner)

    I purchased “Doctor Ruby Gives A Checkup!” for my young niece, and I’m not sure who loves it more: she or me! This beautifully illustrated book is a gem! The authors have really hit the mark in their “Think and Play The Social Scouts Way” series. In a world where more and more children and care givers are turning to computers and hand held devices for free time entertainment, it seems fewer and fewer young children tap into their imaginations for active pretend play. These books encourage young readers and listeners to think creatively, ask questions, develop language skills, organize their thoughts, learn sequencing skills, and finally gather together simple play props for active role-playing. It actually seems a nod to the “old fashioned” way of playing that so many of us grew up with before batteries and pre-programmed toys made the decisions for today’s kids.

    Ruby wants to play doctor so she begins to think of everything she knows about doctors and medical helpers – what they do, where they work, what tools they use, how they help, etc. The thought bubbles with question marks encourage interaction between the reader and child for even more critical thinking, language, and brainstorming. Ruby’s expressions are so adorable, and visibly portray her thoughts. When she finally starts to pretend, Ruby encourages the listener to want to gather together her/his own props for play. My niece gathered her dollies and stuffed animals and we embarked on a medical adventure with the simplest of “instruments” since she didn’t even have a toy medical kit. It was so fun to hear her conversations with her “patients”, and watch her show compassion for her “sick and injured”. Just precious!! And not a computer, play phone, or screen in sight for our fun!! When her play was done, the “Let’s Put it Away” concept made clean-up fun. Yes!!

    I had previously purchased “Firefighter Leo To The Rescue” for my niece, since girls can grow up to be firefighters too! We’ve had so many fun adventures reading and pretending; and what learning these books inspire!! I am a retired preschool teacher, and these books would definitely have had a place in my program and on my book shelves. Congratulations to authors Heather Marenda-Miller and Amy Wilhelm, and illustrator Alen Haljevac for bringing their amazing vision for children to life in their books. I can’t wait for the next book in their “Think & Play The Social Scouts Way” series to be published!!

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Meet the Illustrator

Alen Haljevac came to Los Angeles in 1994 with a passion for illustration, design and fashion. He earned his degree in Advanced Fashion Design from the FIDM in Los Angeles. He gained his experience working for various entertainment and design companies. Currently he is working in the toy industry. Alen feels extremely excited to be part of the Social Scouts™ book project, working with an amazing creative duo such as Heather Marenda-Miller and Amy Wilhelm.